Nadine KramerOffice Manager

Nadine Kramer has a commercial education from the Home Owner Association Zürich (HEV), which gave her a first insight into the real estate business.

For more than twelve years, Nadine has been working in the field of Marketing and Event Management, of which the past seven years with Tertianum Residenz Zollikerberg where she focused on the premium segment. Responsible for concepts, planning and executing social events, she got in touch with clients and was also supporting the sales team. Before, she was with Open Systems, a company with a special focus on big events, fairs (e.g. ORBIT Basel, Internet Expo Zürich) and VIP events.

Nadine Kramer is part of the Dr. Thomas A. Biland and da professionals ag team as an Office Manager.

In her spare time, Nadine plays the piano, dances ballet and loves cooking for friends.